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1.1 The Council shall be designated: “Sports and Cultural Council” or “Comhairle Cluichi agus Cultúr”.

1.2 SCC hereafter signifies the council as mentioned in 1.1 above.


2.1 The aims of the S.C.C. shall be to promote and encourage the active participation of our students in all of our cultural, sporting social and recreational activities.


3.1 All day schools including Youthreach centres and prisons held under the care of the City of Dublin ETB are eligible for membership.

3.2 All City of Dublin ETB teachers and Board of Studies members are eligible to be ordinary members of the SCC.

3.3 Activities conducted under the auspices of the Sports and Cultural Council shall be confined to students enrolled in whole-time day courses.

3.4 If a student is in attendance during a term, he or she is eligible to participate in Sports and Cultural Council’s activities for the remainder of that term.


4.1 The business of the Council shall be conducted by the elected Executive Officers of the Sports and Cultural Council’s who are responsible for the overall running of the SCC.

4.2 The SCC shall be subject to the general control of the Board of Studies.

4.3 Liaison with Board of Studies shall normally be through the SCC Hon. Secretary.


5.1 The SCC Executive Officers shall be composed as follows:

(a) The CDETB’s Chief Executive Officer who shall be the Honorary President of the Sports and Cultural Council.
(b) Chairperson
(c) Vice-chairperson
(d) Honorary Treasurer
(e) Honorary Secretary.

5.2 The positions of Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary shall be held by way of an annual election held at the Annual General Meeting.

5.3 The outgoing SCC Executive shall hold office until the incoming SCC Executive is elected.


6.1 Ordinary SCC meetings will be called to report on and discuss the day-to-day matters of the SCC.

6.2 There shall be a minimum of three (3) ordinary SCC meetings per year to include an annual auditors’ meeting.

6.3 Notification of the SCC ordinary meetings shall be included in the SCC annual calendar which will be available and updated as necessary on the SCC’s web site.


7.1 Each school/centre should have a nominee in attendance at each meeting of the SCC.

7.2 Each SCC sub-committee is requested to send a nominee to the SCC ordinary meeting prior to their own activity/event taking place.

7.3 Where a sub-committee cannot attend an ordinary SCC meeting to report on their event, they should make every effort to advise the Hon Sec SCC of relevant details concerning their event.


8.1 All matters at an ordinary SCC meeting which may be subject to a vote by the members, shall be decided by a simple majority of those present and eligible to vote.

8.2 Those eligible to vote shall be:

(a) The Executive Officers of the Sports and Cultural Council.
(b) Members of the Board of Studies.
(c) All CDETB school/centre representatives subject to a maximum six (6) persons from each school/centre.

8.3 School representatives may be represented by proxy, if unable to attend in person, provided that the Honorary Secretary is notified in advance.

8.4 All teachers are welcome to attend meetings and to participate in discussions but voting is restricted to those mentioned in 9.2 above.


9.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Sports and Cultural Council shall normally be held annually during the month of May.

9.2 At their Annual General Meeting the members will elect a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, an Honorary Treasurer and an Honorary Secretary.

9.3 Two Honorary Auditors shall be nominated at Annual General Meeting, one of whom shall be a member of the Board of Studies.

9.4 On or before May 1 each year, all schools/centres shall receive a written invitation to submit:

(a) Nominations for Executive Officership of Sports and Cultural Council.
(b) Proposed changes to the Constitution.
(c) Resolutions.

9.5 Nominations for Executive Officership, changes to the constitution and resolutions must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary SCC, ten (10) days in advance of Annual General Meeting.

9.6 All matters at Annual General Meetings shall be decided by simple majority of those present and eligible to vote. 9.7 The SCC Chairperson shall have the casting vote.

9.8 Quorum shall be at least two (2) Executive Committee and twelve (12) ordinary members.

9.9 Regarding the voting on any motion or issue at an AGM, no more than 6 ordinary SCC members from any one school or centre may vote.

9.10 The SCC Executive shall be responsible for taking minutes of the meeting.


10.1 The SCC Executive shall set up sub-committees as may be considered necessary.

10.2 The sub-committees shall carry out such duties and have such powers as are delegated to them by the SCC Executive.

10.3 The Honorary Secretary of each sub-committee shall inform and advise the Honorary Secretary of the Sports and Cultural Council of all meetings, events and other matters to include results and a final report for all of their sub–committee events/activities.


11.1 The contribution by each member school to the funds of the Sports and Cultural Council shall be at the rate of 50% of the sum recommended by A.G.M. and as approved by Board of Studies, to be levied on each eligible student at enrolment date.

11.2 Contributions to Central Committee Funds shall be forwarded by each member school on or before November 30 of the current school year.

11.3 The Sports and Cultural Council shall annually seek a per capita grant-aid from the CDETB.

11.4 The Sports and Cultural Council may, with the approval of the Board of Studies, raise funds or organise sponsorship for specific purposes.

11.5 The accounts of S.C.C. shall be kept in a manner as approved by Board of Studies and shall be subject to annual audit by Honorary Auditors.


12.1 The Bye-Laws under which the various Sub-committees function shall be those adopted, from time to time, by the Sports and Cultural Council and approved by the Board of Studies.

September 2011.