75 Years Alive and Flourishing

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To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the SCC, the much anticipated 75th Anniversary book is now available! It’s a beautifully written production and is wonderfully presented in easily digested sections that enable the reader to dip in and out of the book at any point.

Entitled ’75 Years Alive and Flourishing’, this is the most extensive history of the Sports and Cultural Council since its establishment. The book offers an overview of the major developments that have marked the SCC’s progress since 1935. Many past and present committee members, as well as notable personalities have writing articles for the book.

Featuring lots of stories, memories, historical facts and photographs, this is a must have for any SCC enthusiast! Whether you attended a CDETB centre / SCC event 50 years ago or just started this year, we are sure that you will find it of interest.

In particular, editor Jim Cooke provides us with wonderful historical insights into the Tailteann Games, the first President of the Central Students’ Union and the first Chairperson of Central Students’ Union (CSU – now called the SCC).The aim of the book is to create an account of SCC’s first 75 years for historians.

Published: May 2010

Editor: Mr. Jim Cooke

Front & Back Cover Photography: Mr. Steve Perry

– Printed by: Manor Press Ltd.