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1.1    Each sub-committee is required to hold a meeting in advance of their activity commencing.
1.2    Events, venues, dates, estimate of costs, prizes, etc. should be agreed at the meeting.
1.3    Each SCC sub-committee is requested to attend the SCC ordinary meeting prior to their event/activity taking place.
1.4    Any intention to make alterations to the format of events should be brought to the attention of the SCC ordinary meeting prior to the event taking place. The Hon Sec SCC should be notified in writing of any such changes.
1.5    Minutes of Sub-committee meetings shall be forwarded to the Hon Sec of the SCC.
1.6    V.T.O.S. groups, Prisons Services and Youthreach to be notified of meetings, etc.
1.7    Ordinary SCC meetings may be held during school hours with Hon. Secretaries of Sub-Committees to have priority over School Representatives in the matter of attendance at such meetings. (Approved by CDETB Principals, November 2002)
1.8    At the end of every event or series of events/competition the sub-committee shall hold a meeting to review their event(s)/competition(s). Thereafter, the sub-committee shall forward to the Hon Sec SCC:

a) Results of the competition
b) A report on the event/competition.
c) Expenses to the Hon Treasurer SCC


2.1    Age-groups and categories shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.
2.2    Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and other Games/Sports: Minor 1st Year students only. Junior 2nd and 3rd Year students only. Intermediate Transition/ 5th/ 6th Year and Youthreach students only. Senior Repeat LC/PLC/ Adult students.
2.3 Boxing: special age-group categories.
2.4 Cultural Events: Junior 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Junior Certificate students only. Senior Transition/5th/6th Years. Adult All Further Education students
2.5    Sub-committees may consider the sub-divisions of Senior category events in the interest of fairer competition.
2.6    Sub-committees to address this matter and co-opt teachers with specific contact/interest in various categories.
2.7    Students may compete in their own category (age-group) only.
2.8    In the case that a school finds that it cannot field a full team [due to lack of numbers] they may seek the permission of the relevant sub-committee to play a student from a lower age category.
2.9 The involvement of in the incorrect age group level students in our activities shall result in immediate and automatic disqualification of such school from the particular event. (See 2.8)
2.10    Secretary SCC to be notified, in writing, who in turn shall advise School Principal concerned of decision taken.


3.1    The organising sub-committee are responsible for the good conduct of events and the organisation at venues.
3.2    Official dates of birth and age-groupings must be adhered to unless agreed with SCC.
3.3    Team managers shall furnish team lists as laid-down by each sub-committee.
3.4    Team lists must be signed by teacher-in-charge. Unsigned lists are not acceptable. Over/….
3.5    Competitors shall turn out suitably attired in school colours/uniform.
3.6 Appropriate safety equipment (helmets, etc) must be used.
3.7    Teams/individuals must be accompanied by a teacher at all times during events.
3.8    Entries from a minimum of four schools are required before a competition can take place.
3.9    One team entry per school (except Golf, Pitch and Putt and Table Quiz, to max of three).
3.10    Schools holding perpetual trophies must return same with their completed entry forms. (Approved by BOS, November 2002)
3.11    Entry to an SCC competition/event may be jointly made up of a pair of students or, team of students, from more than one school/college/centre. However, such entries should be made known in advance to the relevant sub-committee, who shall have the final decision whether to allow such an entry or not.
3.12    Sub-committees should have semi-finals in every competition where there are two or more pools.


4.1    Proposed draws must be notified to schools prior to event.
4.2    Teams unable to fulfil fixtures are required to give ample notice to opponents and organising Hon. Secretary.
4.3    Subject to sub-committee agreement: Lates: 15 minutes late for fixture – forfeit match and €15.OO fine.
4.4    On completion of events the organising Hon. Secretary is required to furnish report to Hon Secretary SCC. This will be the official report for Board of Studies and SCC.


5.1    Should difficulties arise during Tournament/Event the following shall apply:-
5.2    Sub-committee officer present shall make decision on the day.
5.3    Call a sub-committee meeting – if still unresolved.
5.4 Raise matter at SCC level.


6.1    Sub-committee meetings may not be called where SCC meeting is already notified and called.
6.2    It may be useful for sub-committees to hold joint meetings to co-ordinate events, dates, venues, etc.
6.3    Prior approval from SCC must be received before changes to Calendar of Events are made.
6.4    Where possible, events to be organised to ensure several outings to promote educational benefit and improvement from exposure to activities and competition situations.
6.5    Fringe activities to be organised on an invitation (friendly) basis by schools.

Updated by Hon. Secretary SCC
September 2011