The aims of the Sports and Cultural Council are to promote and encourage the active participation of our students in all of our cultural, social and recreational activities. In order to achieve this aim, we are dependent on the teachers who volunteer to run our events. Heretofore, our events have been run with no specific guidelines in place for the teachers of our various organising sub-committees. The publication of this guidebook has arisen from the need to assist current and future SCC sub-committees to run our events. We have specified what needs to be done to ensure the Sports and Cultural Council’s requirements and standards of good practice, keeping in mind that there will be variations from one event to the next.

It is important that procedures are in place for all events in order that they can be run smoothly and efficiently. In order to achieve this we have seen the need to standardise procedures for the planning, running and reviewing of all SCC events. This guidebook provides a template for each sub-committee. The guidebook is divided into four specific areas:

    i) Pre-event

    ii) Running the actual event

    iii) Post event evaluation

iv) Reports

A significant section of this guidebook is designed to record and subsequently pass on important event management information from one outgoing sub-committee to the next. The recording format consists of a series of five yearly reports. These are in duplicate, one copy of which will be forwarded to the SCC Hon Secretary on completion of the event, the other, to be kept and handed on to the incoming sub-committee.

It is hoped that the guidebook will evolve as an event record which will show from year to year, important items such as the overall results, the contact details for personnel, venue details, trophies awarded etc. These are the essential matters that must be available and preserved for current and future use especially, when there is a change of personnel in sub-committees. The SCC Executive Committee would like to thank all sub-committee members for all of their hard work in running events for the students of the CDETB. We trust this guide will assist you in your work, both now and for the future. Let’s keep the records straight!

PDF Document Download [ Running_an_SCC_Event ] .PDF

PDF Document Download [ Sub_Committee_Event_Report_Form ] .PDF

If you require alternative formats, please contact the SCC.