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Report – Boys Gaelic Football Blitz – Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

November 20, 2013 Gaelic Football - Boys, SCC Archive, Sports Comments Off on Report – Boys Gaelic Football Blitz – Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Boys Gaelic Football Blitz

Wednesday, 29th September, 2010

By Neil Flahertyboys_gaelic_larkin_vs_col_d

The 2010/11 SCC Boys Gaelic Football competitions took place during September and October at the VEC Sports grounds in Whitehall. The group stages took place on the 15th, 22nd and 29th of September. The finals took place on Wednesday the 6th of October. The number of schools competing was down on last year with a total of 5 schools taking part. The weather was very pleasant compared to recent years and all the games were played in a very good spirit.

Intermediate Competition.

There was a very poor turnout in the Intermediate competition with just three schools competing (Larkin College, Plunkett College and Kylemore College). Larkin College proved to be far too strong for both Plunkett and Kylemore and ran out easy winners in both games and thus retained the Intermediate cup.

Inter Results

Larkin 4-11 Kylemore 1-2
Kylemore 1-4 Plunkett 2-7
Plunkett 1-4 Larkin 6-3

Junior Competition

Five teams entered the junior competition (Larkin, Colaiste Eoin, Colaiste Dhulaigh, Kylemore and Plunkett College) and during the group stages there were some very close and exciting games. Larkin and Colaiste Dhulaigh emerged as the two dominant teams from the group and contested the final. The final was an excellent game with the lead changing hands several times. The final whistle saw Larkin just holding on for a one point win on a 3 -5 to 2 – 7 score line. boys_gaelic_winners_junior_

Junior Results

Larkin 3-1 Col Dhulaigh 0-1
Plunkett 4-2 Kylemore 6-1
Colaiste Eoin 0-3 Larkin 3-4
Plunkett 3-1 Col Dhulaigh 5-6
Colaiste Eoin 3-7 Kylemore 1-1
Larkin 6-2 Plunkett 1-2
Col Dhulaigh 6-10 Kylemore 0-3
Plunkett 3-0 Colaiste Eoin 3-5
Larkin 8-1 Kylemore 0-4
Col Dhulaigh 2-4 Colaiste Eoin 0-1


Larkin 3-5 Col Dhulaigh 2-7

Minor Competition

The turnout in the Minor competition was very good with five teams taking part (Larkin, Plunkett, Kylemore, Col Dhulaigh and Col Eoin). Again the two dominant teams were Colaiste Dhulaigh and Larkin College and these two schools contested the final. The final was an excellent game with plenty of top quality goals and excellent points. Larkin manaboys_gaelic_winners_larkin_ged to prevent a late surge from Colaiste Dhulaigh and eventually won the game on a 6-9 to 4-6 score line.

Minor Results

Larkin 0-3 Col Dhulaigh 1-1
Plunkett 0-3 Kylemore 2-2
Colaiste Eoin 0-2 Larkin 7-2
Col Dhulaigh 7-2 Plunkett 0-2
Kylemore 9-2 Colaiste Eoin 0-3
Larkin 3-4 Plunkett 2-0
Col Dhulaigh 2-1 Kylemore 0-4
Plunkett 7-4 Colaiste Eoin 1-1
Larkin 6-4 Kylemore 1-1
Col Dhulaigh 3-6 Colaiste Eoin 1-2

gaelic_football_blitz_larkiMinor Final

Larkin 6-9 Col Dhulaigh 4-6

Overall, the quality of this year’s competitions was very good with all games being very competitive and played with a high level of skill and enthusiasm. It was very encouraging to see the huge effort put in by all the schools that participated.

Finally, I would like to thank a few people who helped in the running of this year’s competitions. A special thanks to Gaelic Football Chairperson Brigid Coleman, our referees Harry and Robert and Anto in Whitehall who organised our pitches.

Neil Flaherty
Sec. Gaelic Sub-Committee

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