Participation and Excellence – A Sixty Year History

Diamond Jubilee: 1935 – 1995

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the SCC in 1995, the SCC published a comprehensive 170 page book which charted the history and achievements of the organisation during this period. Edited by Mr. Jim Cooke, the book celebrates the passion, spirit and innovation of the SCC. The book was first distributed to members during the 60th Annual General Meeting and later available for purchase at £8 (punts). Now for the first time, the book is digitally available to download as a PDF.

Discover the fascinating history of the SCC with this special commemorative book. Illustrated by dozens of photographs and reproductions, the book includes personal recollections and interesting stories. A commemorative review rather than a detailed historical study, it draws on archival sources, interviews, minutes of meetings, and member submissions.


[ SCC_Participation_and_Excellence_A_60_Year_History ] .PDF (11 MB)

Published: May 1995

Front Cover Design: Mr. Sean O’Dwyer

Editor: Mr. Jim Cooke

– Originally Printed by: Manor Press Ltd.